Watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 [S10E04] - Future War

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Movie Plot: Dinosaurs attack LA looking for a cyborg. Intro: The 'bots figure out how many times a lady Gypsy is. Crow realizes that Mike is more feminine than Gypsy. Segment One: Pearl conducts LSD tests on Crow and Servo. Segment Two: Servo and Gypsy kickbox. Segment Three: The SOL crew graciously thank Pearl for not killing them. The gesture gives pearl a gilt trip about her next plan. Segment Four: The SOL is visited by Droppy the Water Droplet. Segment Five: Mike gets a giant chin, Pearl puts collars on Bobo and Brain Guy before they go on tour with their acid rock band.

IMDB Rate: 7.8
Genres: N/A
Year: 1999
Country: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 93 min