Watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 [S05E17] - The Beginning of the End

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Movie Plot: Chicago is attacked by giant grasshoppers. Intro: The SOL gets a call from an upset lady looking for her husband. Segment One: In Deep 13, Dr. Forrester has invented the re-comfy bike. On the SOL, the crew invent new playing cards. Servo's card, Todd, is too annoying for Mike. Segment Two: Mike decided to call the Mads to complain about the movie. We get to see a rather disturbing glimpse of the Mads private life. Segment Three: Crow writes a screenplay about Peter Graves and his years at the University of Minnesota. Segment Four: Servo does insect-related stand up comedy. Segment Five: The crew recreates the movies visual effects using postcards. In Deep 13, the Mads have a boxing match to prove their manhood. Frank almost K.O.s Dr. Forrester.

IMDB Rate: 7.7
Genres: N/A
Year: 1993
Country: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 93 min